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Posted: Mon, Jun 7th 2021 at 9:12 AM
CINDE continues operation in Ontario and Alberta abiding by Provincial regulations and public health guidelines. As private individuals, we expect our members and customers to evaluate how any and all government regulations, guidelines, or your own corporate policies affect your personal circumstances.  You can view the current Ontario order in council here.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns via email at  Please note that we are currently experiencing a high volume of calls and emails at this time and will respond as quickly as possible to all inquiries.
The CINDE Hamilton location is open for NDT training, workshops, and exams. CINDE will be following health and safety procedures as provided by the Ontario Government and Mohawk College. Please note that the procedures may cause delays in your travel within the campus and during the registration process – please plan accordingly. We will be monitoring the ongoing situation and will provide updates on the CINDE website.
-A non-medical mask AND face shield (provided by Mohawk Security upon entrance into the College) must be worn at all times where a 2 metre social distancing is not possible.  
-Visitors are required to follow social distancing guidelines when on the campus (2m distance between others).
1) Download the Mohawk Safety App (free on iOS and Android). Alternatively, if you do not wish to download the app, please proceed to the security checkpoint for in-person screening. This will take additional time.
      i) Click on the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) button near the top of the page.
     ii) Proceed to the screening assessment tool and provide all information.
    iii) Proceed to security checkpoint and inform them that you have completed the assessment.
2) After passing the Mohawk College Security checkpoint, continue to the CINDE designated waiting area (Main Administration Office E006A) in the hallway.

3) You will be required to have your temperature taken via a non-contact thermometer as well as signing a waiver (health declaration) at the main office before entering the office/class.

4) We will be registering one (1) student at a time in the administration area. Students will then be directed to the Exit and sent to their training/exam room.  Regular social distancing rules and hygiene will be required (hand sanitizer available in each classroom, exam room, and administration area).
Important Notes
-Parking is free. Please park in any of the designated parking areas. We recommend choosing a parking location that is close to the security entrance checkpoint (south entrance, across from the short term parking by the McIntyre Performing Arts Centre Theatre) on the map.
-Lockers will be provided for workshop and exam candidates. Please bring minimal possessions with you.
-Steps 1-3 will be required each day while attending Mohawk College.
-Limited food services will be open at this time or prepared to bring a lunch.

Additional precautions that CINDE is taking to increase health and safety of staff, students, and community:
1) The reception area in E006A is a one-way traffic area and has a Plexiglas shield between the reception staff and students to decrease the chance of virus transmission.
2) Social distancing guidelines (2m distance between staff/students) are in place to ensure the safety of all students. Where distance guidelines cannot be followed, masks and
    hand sanitizer will be used to decrease the probability of transmission.
3) Hand sanitizer will be provided at all classroom doors so that students can practice increased hand sanitizing.
4) All surfaces will be disinfected and then also sprayed with Clorox electrostatic disinfectant spray.
5) We will continue to limit the number of staff working at the facility to limit the possibility of exposure to students and staff.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to change, CINDE will make adjustments to procedures to increase the safety of staff, students, and the community. We appreciate your patience during this time.
Please review our COVID-19 Acknowledgement, Waiver and Indemnification policy before arriving to the CINDE Office for any course, workshop or exam.  Upon your arrival, you will be asked to complete it with your name and signature and then witnessed by a CINDE Staff member.
If you have further questions, please contact
Category: Industry
Posted: Tue, Jun 8th 2021 at 9:03 AM
NEW Renewal and Recertification Application Forms
Effective June 15, 2021 the NRCan NDTCB has introduced new forms for renewal and recertification. As of August 15, 2021, the NRCan NDTCB will only accept submission of the new forms, and will no longer accept outdated renewal and recertification application forms.
If you applied for recertification using the old forms, you may be required to submit a separate renewal application in order to meet all of the current recertification requirements and maintain valid certification. If you have any questions, please contact our office.
Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body COVID-19 Program Updates
With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the NRCan (Natural Resources Canada) NDTCB (National Non-Destructive Certification Body) is working to ensure the health and safety of the public and our team members in accordance with all public safety guidelines. We are closely monitoring the situation and will adjust our business practices and client services rapidly as required. We remain at the ready to assist you as best as we can throughout this situation. We will keep you updated on any developments via our website.
Temporary accommodations and extensions relating to initial certifications and renewals/recertifications will be provided for select candidates.
Current accommodations and extensions:
The following information is a summary of current COVID-19 accommodations and extensions implemented by the NRCan NDTCB. For full details and supplementary verification of certification status, please download and read the NRCan NDTCB COVID-19 Temporary Extension Policy Notice  (PDF, 216 kb). The appropriate extension accommodations will be applied automatically (no need for candidate to submit a request) without re-issuance of the corresponding paperwork or documents. As conditions evolve, we will adjust services accordingly—temporary accommodations and extensions may be amended or applied as required. Please check our website regularly for further updates on this rapidly evolving situation. For more details, please contact our office. Effective May 7, 2021, the extensions were updated from an 18-month extension to a 24-month extension for select candidates.
Non-destructive testing (NDT) renewal and recertification
Non-destructive testing (NDT) initial certification
  • A 24-month extension for NDT initial certification candidates who have examinations in process that expired after March 15, 2020. This 24-month extension is applied to the current expiry date(s) listed on your most recent examination results letter.
Non-destructive testing (NDT) annual vision test
  • A 24-month extension for NDT certificate holders who are due to complete their annual vision test requirement from March 16, 2020 to December 31, 2022.
X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer operator renewal and recertification
Exposure device operator (EDO) NRCan photo ID card renewal
  • A 24-month extension for EDO photo ID cards that expire from March 16, 2020 to December 31, 2022. This 24-month extension is applied to the current expiry date listed on your EDO ID card.
Additional information about COVID-19 accommodations and extensions:
  • Please note that it is important for all clients to review all the policies and conditions relating to COVID-19 accommodations and extensions.
  • Certification requirements and processing that can be completed via form-filling and document submission (with mail or electronic communication) or remote access should be pursued and supported by all candidates, employers, and the NDTCB network.
  • Affected candidates/certificate holders shall maintain continuity and competence in the method(s) they are certified in and must recertify and/or renew by the end of their (extended) period of validity.
  • Affected candidates/certificate holders shall perform certification/renewal/recertification requirements and examinations as soon as possible, even if they are still temporarily covered by the extension period.
  • The original certification expiry and validity time cycle period will be unaffected by the extension accommodation policy, the NDTCB is only providing a temporary extension for those affected.
  • While at this time, the initial NDT certification process extension has a current end date of To-Be-Decided (TBD), and most candidates in process may be included in this general accommodation, we encourage candidates to complete their examinations and certification requirements as soon as possible.
  • For candidates whose recertification or examination expiry dates are not covered by the current accommodations/extensions, but who may wish to submit requests for additional accommodations or review of their eligibility, we recommend that they keep all records and/or documentation related to their efforts, attempts and actions to fulfill such recertification or examination requirements. The NDTCB may request this supporting documentation for review and justification of an individual’s submission.
Contacting and communicating with the NDTCB:
At this time, we will not be providing in-person client services at our local office. We encourage clients to provide the NRCan NDTCB with your most up-to-date personal email address and telephone number to avoid interruptions in communication.

For all telephone inquiries, please call our main telephone line: 1-866-858-0473 or 905-645-0653
(Note: other NDTCB telephone lines may not be monitored at this time.)
For email inquiries, send your emails to our main inboxes listed below:
NRCan NDTCB main inbox:
NRCan renewal and recertification:
EDO written examination:
(Note: other NDTCB email inboxes may not be monitored at this time.)
The health and safety of the public is a priority for the NDTCB—we appreciate your understanding and support.
Category: Product
Posted: Fri, Jun 4th 2021 at 10:54 AM
INTECH NDE announces the partnership with Interactive Aerial. Interactive Aerial is a leader when it comes to robotics in the inspection industry. They strive to eliminate manual inspections with a variety of products that keep your assets and employees safe. They offer high-end quality products that save time while delivering results. Both their Zenith and Legacy One are made with high craftsmanship standards in mind. The Zenith performs fully automated inspections bringing with it, vertical inspections with 360-degree viewing, HD video and photo that can be operated by anyone. Let Zenith do the inspecting for you. The Legacy One is the perfect internal flying machine made to inspect not damage. This drone avoids collisions, can be placed in center mode, and can be set to maintain a specific distance from a structure. This drone goes beyond the competition. These products and the partnership with INTECH NDE are a natural fit.
INTECH NDE specializes in the best and highest quality NDT equipment that results in great data and inspections with amazing customer service. Please stay tuned for more information about the Zenith and Legacy One product launches at Intech NDE.

We are excited to talk about it so feel free to reach out at Now in 3 locations to serve you better.
Category: CINDE
Posted: Mon, May 17th 2021 at 1:45 PM
Ever need a bit more information on a topic that you are studying? Arrange a Student Virtual Session in your topic of study. We offer one (1)
hour sessions at $200 with an instructor. It can be arranged as a phone call or a zoom session .. the choice is yours. At the time of scheduling, you can choose your instructor or leave it up to us to arrange for one to work with you on your topic.

Reasons for a session could be for such things as:

  • review of a specific math area (i.e. trigonometry)
  • review a written instruction for a Level 2 practical exam
  • review your successfully completed course exam

Log into your CINDE account and click on Task #39 to start the process.

Category: Industry
Posted: Wed, May 12th 2021 at 11:18 AM
Novosound, a leading ultrasonic company based in Scotland, has overcome competition from some of the biggest organisations in the world to win its first international honour at the 2021 Materials Performance Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards.
Organised by the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), Novosound received the award in the Testing category for its revolutionary Belenus ultrasound sensor, which provides corrosion monitoring across a variety of structures and environments in a range of industries.
The awards are organised by Materials Performance, which is published by NACE International and is the world’s largest circulation magazine dedicated exclusively to corrosion prevention and control.
The honour for Belenus is the company’s first major industrial award, and also its first on a global scale. Manufactured using Novosound’s patented, thin-film technology, the Belenus is the world’s first corrosion monitoring sensor that can operate completely soaked in high-temperature atmospheres up to 400°C (752°F) for extended periods of time.
By providing highly accurate and real-time corrosion data from remote and inaccessible locations, the Belenus enables power plant, refining, processing, and manufacturing facility owners and operators to detect corrosion in metal pipework and structures early and reliably. This facilitates improved maintenance planning and increases operational efficiency, as corrosion issues can be actioned and mitigated before unexpected failures occur.
Dr Claire Thring, Application Specialist for the Novosound Belenus, said: "The current limitations of ultrasound probes can be traced back to the core rigid, ceramic, sensor materials used in manufacturing, but by using our patented, truly flexible, core thin-film material, the Belenus can conform to any surface curvature.
"The flexibility of the Belenus, coupled with its compact size – roughly the size of a Zippo lighter or car key fob – allows it to be fitted to a range of structures including pipes, storage tanks and pressure vessels, enabling 24/7 asset monitoring. The flexibility of the Belenus also allows it to conform to curved surfaces without the need for a couplant material.
"This has countless benefits for customers, including potentially eliminating the requirement to shut down assets for inspections, as well as carry out readings. Not only does this save companies time and money, but it also limits the number of occasions personnel are required to enter what can be dangerous environments."
Dr Dave Hughes, Founder and CEO of Novosound, added: "The Novosound Belenus, is a simple, smart ultrasound sensor that provides 24/7 corrosion monitoring across a range of infrastructures and environments.
"This award is a pivotal moment for the company, and we are delighted to have been recognised by our peers. We were up against some huge, global organisations, but to be honoured with this award at the CORROSION 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo is a big achievement for us.
"To even be considered for an award we had to show the Belenus had the potential for a significant positive impact in corrosion control, and we are delighted to receive this endorsement from others within the industry."
The Belenus is suitable for fixed installation in both extreme and ambient environments. By providing real-time, asset integrity data, the Belenus enables operators to proactively manage corrosion risk, making data-informed decisions and reducing the overall cost of operations.

One customer, a blue chip Energy Company based in the UK, explained how installing Belenus, on-site at one of their power stations, benefits their company, saying:
"The Belenus is an innovative solution and will not only help better manage the health of our assets but bring significant efficiencies and cost savings with our maintenance management programmes."
Novosound is no stranger to winning awards, having previously been named as a finalist for the 2020 E&T Innovation Awards in the Future Unicorn category, while Dr Hughes was honoured with the Institute of Directors Scotland Director of the Year – Start-up award last year.
Based near Glasgow, Novosound’s ultrasound sensors have all been invented and produced in Scotland and have already attracted a long list of clients around the world in the oil and gas, energy, renewables, medicine, aerospace and automotive markets. Its products are helping transform the Non Destructive Testing industry thanks to their unique underlying technology, which helps test metal pipework and structures no matter what shape or size, or what temperature they are operated at – with the Kelpie, Belenus and Nebula products solving problems that have existed for a generation.
About Novosound
Since its launch in 2018, Novosound has become one of Scotland’s technology success stories with its patented, market disruptive ultrasound sensor technology. Based near Glasgow, the company utilises its in-house design and manufacturing capabilities to engineer a thin-film core material that is flexible, extreme temperature resistant, lightweight, low profile, compact, and capable of producing high resolution images. The Novosound team is made up of scientific, technical and commercial experts who work together with global clients to develop bespoke ultrasound products and solutions. For more information visit
Category: Industry
Posted: Tue, May 11th 2021 at 9:21 AM
Great news!  An addition has been made to the IR team.  We are pleased to announce that Glenn Snell has joined us as director of sales.  Glenn’s role will be to provide leadership to the IR sales team.  Under him, we see an already talented group of individuals, who have deep skillsets and broad experiences, not only continue to excel but to thrive.  Glenn will be a key component in helping us to offer the best in NDT solutions to you.  IR is growing, and Glenn will be a key part of that. 
In Glenn’s words, he was “born and bred in radiography”.  He spent the first 25 years of his career with Eastman Kodak, which included roles in medical sales, as the digital product manager, and in digital archive solutions.  Glenn spent the last 13 years with CarestreamNDT, with a focus on promoting, training and supporting customers with digital RT offerings including CR and DR.  Most recently he held the role of strategic accounts manager for North America.
Glenn’s extensive experience in NDT will compliment IR’s focus to offer best-in-class products while providing a technical resource to support our clients in all disciplines.  The industry, with its ongoing adoption of new technology, will benefit from Glenn’s commitment of ensuring clients get the most out of their investment.
When Glenn gets some downtime he enjoys camping, fishing or just hanging with his wife and two kids, ages 18 and 21. 
Glenn will be operating out of our Burlington office, but is available to clients across North America.  He can be reached directly at 289-439-9692 or by email at
Please join us in welcoming Glenn. 
Category: Product
Posted: Thu, Apr 22nd 2021 at 5:41 PM
The Splitter® line of wastewater filtration equipment has been a trusted name in penetrant waste water filtration systems. With advances in technology coupled with market research, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Products Limited re-designed the Splitter® series to usher in the next generation of products.
The company is proud to introduce the Splitter 2X & 4X. Using nano- and ultrafiltration membranes, the equipment is used to remove chemicals, oils, dyes and pigments thereby reducing the amount of wastewater disposal and create a more environmentally-conscious workplace. Now available in just two configurations, the 2X and 4X systems are capable of handling a nominal volume of 200 gallons per day and 400 gallons per day of waste water, respectively.
The new line of membrane filtration machines are designed to run virtually on their own with a Siemens programmable logic controller that monitors and records a variety of operating factors including pressure, temperature, flow rate and cleaning cycle. Data can be stored on a removable USB stick for data transfer or remote diagnostics. The touch-screen panel provides ease of operator use.  
Another major enhancement is its construction. The updated, easily-removable membrane housing is fabricated of stainless steel material and configured horizontally in the unit. The membranes themselves had been re-designed to improve efficiency and longevity. A built-in carbon polish has been implemented for added filtration of the clean permeate water.
The durable housing frame is constructed of powder-coated steel and is equipped with locking wheels. Innovative features such as hinged, quick-locking side door; built-in spill containment; and, front-mounted electrical and plumbing panels contribute to ease of service and maintenance.
Designed for use across several industries, the applications go beyond dye penetrant rinses. The Splitter series can be deployed in treating aqueous (water-based) cleaners, machine coolants and water-soluble cutting oils, air compressor condensate, oil-water emulsions and many other aqueous wastes.
To give customers a sneak peek of the new features of the Splitter 2X & 4X, a short video on the equipment operation and features is available to view by visiting the website. For more information about the new Splitter series, contact
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Posted: Tue, Apr 20th 2021 at 6:56 AM
KODAK Industrial X-Ray Films meet your most rigorous quality standards for consistent, excellent performance with market-leading innovations for the NDT industry.
Kodak’s Industrial X-Ray Films are uniquely qualified for the NDT Industry, with:
• Clean image tone and low noise. Impeccable detail. In short, a sharp, clear image every single time• Consistent production quality: ISO9001-2015. Achieved through disciplined manufacturing• Durable. Static resistant. Heat resistant. Sturdy. Fewer artifacts. Even under pressure• Competitively priced.
The T-Grain Emulsion Advantage: The Kodak Industrial X-Ray Films incorporates Kodak’s patented T-GRAIN Emulsion technology. Our ASTM E 1815-18 Classes offers medium, fine, and very fine grains exceptionally high contrast and definition, great for critical radiography with high energy applications. And its versatility allows you to have direct x-ray or intensification screen options. So that it works best for what you need. When you have a critical radiography application, our film is the best tool in your toolkit.
Applications KODAK Industrial X-Ray Films in a variety of sizes and packaging formats, ideal for: • Aerospace and aircraft industry • Archeologics, Paintings, Sculptures • Composite materials • Defense and nuclear industry • Electrical Components • Forensics • Forestry • Oil and Gas Pipelines • Tires • Welds and Casting
Film Types and equality:
IX 25
IX 30
IX 50
“You won’t believe how well Kodak films fit your budget”
For having more information and pricing contact:
Category: Product
Posted: Mon, Apr 12th 2021 at 12:48 PM
Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science has further expanded its metals analysis range with the launch of the OE720. A year ago, the reveal of the ground-breaking Hitachi OE750 caused waves in the industry by making high-performance metals analysis finally accessible to all sizes of metals producers. Designed to help foundries, fabricators and manufacturing plants meet ever more demanding specifications, the new OE720 now joins Hitachi High-Tech’s new OE series. The OE720 boasts the same high-performance as the OE750 but offers an attractive price advantage to companies who don’t need additional gas analysis capability.

High performance made affordable.
Complex supply chains and increased use of scrap metal as a base material puts foundries and metals manufacturers under increasing pressure to control tramp and trace elements within the melt and finished product. The new OE720 optical emission spectrometer covers the entire spectrum of elements in metal except for gases like oxygen and hydrogen and has some of the lowest detection limits in its class. The result is an analyzer that has the capability of much more expensive instruments, bringing high quality analysis within reach for the first time for many foundries and metals manufacturers.
Why choose the OE Series?
RESULTS YOU CAN TRUST - High optical resolution to control tramp and trace elements.
LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP - Affordable to buy and run, delivering the performance of more expensive analysers.
KEEPING YOU RUNNING - Engineered for reliability with minimum maintenance and standardisation requirements.
SUPPORTS CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION - Cloud-based data management, rapid analysis and short start-up times for fast feedback on melt quality.
For more information, contact
Category: Industry
Posted: Thu, Apr 8th 2021 at 9:22 AM
Edmonton, Alberta—IR Supplies and Services is pleased to announced their partnership with Creative Electron, an industry leader in X-ray systems.   Together they offer organizations across Canada the tools to ensure inspections are done at the highest standard, a standard that results in quality output.  X-ray cabinets manufactured by Creative Electron are offered in four main formats that can be customized to each client’s needs. 
IR has always been focused on bringing premium brands to our clients,” commented Robert Muschket, President of IR.  “Providing clients with products that meet their needs is our priority.  Since opening our Burlington location we have been able to expand our product line for clients who require solutions beyond what we have traditionally offered.  The products developed by Creative Electron do just that—offers new solutions.”
Bill Cardoso, founder and CEO of Creative Electron, expands on the Canadian-focused partnership. “At Creative Electron, we pride ourselves on partnering with companies that are leaders in their fields.  That’s why we are so excited to join forces with IR, a team so well aligned with our vision of solving commercial and industrial challenges with first-in-class X-ray inspection tools.  We see IR as an extension of our ability to actually understand and resolve customer problems rather than just selling boxes”.
Creative Electron manufactures their X-ray inspection systems at their home office in San Marcos, California.  This North American solution ensures quality controls are maintained at the highest level.  It means that customizations can be easily executed with direct communications with the IR-CE team.
Ed Cabral, Director of Advanced Equipment, Training & Services at IR, the primary contact for businesses interested in discovering more about the Creative Electron cabinets, sees the partnership as a natural extension of the IR offering. “Today’s inspection and manufacturing in countless industries are becoming more and more complex.  It requires advanced technology that helps ensure processes result in maintaining high standards.  Safety is paramount.
More about the Creative Electron cabinets can be found on the IR website at
Category: Industry
Posted: Fri, Mar 19th 2021 at 11:06 AM
Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has applied to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission – Commission canadienne de sûreté nucléaire (CNSC) for renewal of the Site Preparation License to support the Darlington New Nuclear Project. In 2012, following the acceptance of a thorough Environmental Assessment, which included extensive public involvement, the CNSC granted OPG a license to allow site preparation activities to support future nuclear generation.

The application will be considered by the CNSC at a public hearing currently scheduled to take place on June 9 and 10, 2021.
The deadline for filing an intervention for the public Commission hearing is May 3, 2021.

Darlington is the only site in Canada currently licensed for new nuclear. Additional generation at Darlington would allow low-carbon, reliable nuclear energy to continue being an important part of Ontario’s energy mix. Renewal of the license would be one step in a series of licenses and regulatory approvals required prior to the construction and operation of a new reactor.

For more information, visit
Category: Product
Posted: Mon, Mar 15th 2021 at 1:42 PM
IR is happy to announce the addition of the JME DXB:1 digital X-ray buggy.  This long-awaited product is ideal for use on the pipelines, when taking panoramic digital radiographs of circumferential welds.  It’s an ideal companion to the JME CR2 pipeline crawler and boasts a versatile and configurable system. 

For more information, visit the IR website at, or ask to speak to one of the IR business development representatives at 855-737-2689.

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