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Category: CINDE
Posted: Mon, Sep 6th 2021 at 8:11 PM
CINDE continues operation in Ontario and Alberta abiding by Provincial regulations and public health guidelines. As private individuals, we expect our members and customers to evaluate how any and all government regulations, guidelines, or your own corporate policies affect your personal circumstances.  You can view the current Ontario order in council here.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns via email at  Please note that we are currently experiencing a high volume of calls and emails at this time and will respond as quickly as possible to all inquiries.
CINDE Hamilton location as of August 23, 2021.  Mandatory vaccinations NOW needed to access the campus.   Information on the process for collecting vaccine information, entry to campus (there are now 2 Security Checkpoints available) and any other requirements will also be found through the COVID-19 Update webpage.    Please check this page often as the information can change (i.e. on PPE requirements, designated entrances and daily health screening).
Proof of Vaccination Submission to Mohawk College:  For those who have received or plan to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, the process for submitting proof of vaccination can found here  This requirement will remain in place throughout the 2021-22 academic year.
Request for an Exemption:  For those who would like to request an exemption for medical, religion/creed, or other reasons, the process for requesting an exemption can be found here:  Vaccination exemptions may be granted to people who have either a medical accommodation or an objection based on disability or creed.  People with approved exemptions will be required to be tested regularly and demonstrate a negative COVID-19 result in order to attend their work or lessons on campus.  In an effort to support you through this process, Mohawk will be hosting vaccination clinics for people who still need to be vaccinated, September 9 and September 15 (please note there could be a wait time).
1) A non-medical mask AND face shield (provided by Mohawk Security upon entrance into the College; ask for one if they do not issue one) must be worn at all times where a 2 metre social distancing is not possible.  Visitors are required to follow social distancing guidelines when on the campus (2m distance between others).
2) After passing through one of the Mohawk College Security checkpoints, continue to the CINDE designated waiting area (Main Administration Office E006A) in the hallway.  You will be required to have your temperature taken via a non-contact thermometer as well as signing a waiver (health declaration) at the main office before entering the office/class.   Please review our COVID-19 Acknowledgement, Waiver and Indemnification policy before arriving to the CINDE Office for any course, workshop or exam.  Upon your arrival, you will be asked to complete it with your name and signature and then witnessed by a CINDE Staff member.

3) We will be registering one (1) student at a time in the administration area. Students will then be directed to the Exit and sent to their training/exam room.  Regular social distancing rules and hygiene will be required (hand sanitizer available in each classroom, exam room, and administration area).
Important Notes
-Parking will be charged as of Sept 1st. Please park in any of the designated parking areas (general parking). We recommend choosing a parking location that is close to one of the security entrance checkpoints (see map on main website page)..
-For exam candidates, lockers will be provided. Please bring minimal possessions with you.
-Steps 1-3 will be required each day while attending Mohawk College.
-Limited food services will be open at this time or prepared to bring a lunch.

Additional precautions that CINDE is taking to increase health and safety of staff, students, and community:
1) The reception area in E006A is a one-way traffic area and has a Plexiglas shield between the reception staff and students to decrease the chance of virus transmission.
2) Social distancing guidelines (2m distance between staff/students) are in place to ensure the safety of all students. Where distance guidelines cannot be followed, masks and hand sanitizer will be used to decrease the probability of transmission.
3) Hand sanitizer will be provided at all classroom doors so that students can practice increased hand sanitizing.
4) All surfaces will be disinfected and then also sprayed with Clorox electrostatic disinfectant spray.
5) We will continue to limit the number of staff working at the facility to limit the possibility of exposure to students and staff.
CINDE Nisku location as of September 16, 2021. 
Possible changes to CINDE Nisku location access
There have been recent changes by the Alberta Government to vaccine requirements where we operate CINDE classes in Nisku. CINDE is reviewing the changes and may announce new procedures to access our course. Please continue to watch your email for updates. In the meantime we encourage any customers who have not done so to start the vaccination process to avoid any potential service interruption.
Category: Product
Posted: Tue, Aug 31st 2021 at 1:58 PM
GammaFlux is thrilled to be be the distributor of Helmut Fisher across Canada. Fischer has been developing instruments for non-destructive material analysis, coating thickness measurement and material testing since 1953.

Coating Thickness Gauge: Fischer coating thickness gauges are ideally suited for measuring paint, powder coating, plating and anodize, including aerospace coatings, bridge coatings, water tank coatings, pipelines, refineries, tank linings, fireproof coatings, marine coatings, and railcar coatings. 
PERMASCOPE MP0: With integrated probe for measuring the thickness of coatings on steel and iron.
DUALSCOPE MP0: With integrated probe for measure ng the thickness of coatings on virtually all metal substrates.
PERMASCOPE MP0R and MP0R-FP: With integrated probe or cable probe for coating thickness measurements on steel and iron.
DUALSCOPE MP0R and MP0R-FP: With integrated probe or cable probe for coating thickness measurements on virtually all metal substrates.
ISOSCOPE MP0R: With integrated probe designed specifically for high-precision measurements of thin coatings on virtually all non-ferrous metals.
DUALSCOPE MP0RH-FP: With cable probe, designed specifically for measurements of thicker metal or protective coatings on steel and iron as well as non-ferrous metals.
DELTASCOPE FMP10 and FMP30: For coating thickness measurements on steel and iron.
ISOSCOPE FMP10 and FMP30: Designed specifically for high-precision measurements of thin coatings on virtually all non-ferrous metals.
DUALSCOPE FMP20 and FMP40: For coating thickness measurements on virtually all metal substrates.
The DUALSCOPE FMP100: Incorporating both magnetic induction and eddy current methods and outfitted with a wide range of high-precision probes, it is particularly useful for performing diverse measurement tasks under frequently changing conditions.
The DUALSCOPE H FMP150: Equipped with a third measurement principle, the magnetic method, which also makes it possible to take precise measurements of thick, nonmagnetic but conductive coatings on steel and iron, as well as nickel coatings on nonferrous metals.
Material Testing: 
FERITSCOPE FMP30: The FERITSCOPE is a compact instrument for standards- compliant, non-destructive determination of the ferrite content in austenitic welded products and in duplex steel
SIGMASCOPE SMP10: For measuring the electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals or non-magnetizable metals such as aluminium, copper, and stainless steel according to the eddy current method.
ANOTEST YMP30-S: The YMP30-S is used for testing sealants on anodic coatings on aluminium.
POROSCOPE HV40: For finding pores and defects, cracks and inclusions in linings and coatings made of enamel, paint, rubber, and bitumen, also in containers made of GFK or other plastics.

We are so excited to talk about Fischer products and your applications., Tel: 647 804 1348 
Category: Industry
Posted: Thu, Aug 19th 2021 at 11:49 AM
CAMBRIDGE, Ontario, August 19, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BWX Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: BWXT) today announced a contract from Bruce Power valued at approximately CA$40 million to supply four moderator heat exchangers.
The contract, which will be executed by subsidiary BWXT Canada Ltd. at its Cambridge, Ontario facility, involves engineering and fabrication of these specialized components. Moderator heat exchangers are large components that remove heat from the moderator system of CANDU® nuclear reactors.
Engineering work associated with the contract has commenced, with fabrication expected to start later this year. The first two moderator heat exchangers will be delivered in 2024, with the remaining two units scheduled for delivery in 2025.
"These components are designed for reliable, long-term operation to help Bruce Power continue to provide Ontario with non-emitting, stable and cost-effective electricity for many years to come," said John MacQuarrie, president of BWXT’s Nuclear Power Group. "This contract, along with several others we have with Bruce Power, is sustaining a very significant number of highly skilled jobs for our Cambridge operations."
BWXT Canada Ltd. has over 60 years of expertise and experience in the design, manufacturing, commissioning and service of nuclear power generation equipment. This includes steam generators, nuclear fuel and fuel components, critical plant components, parts and related plant services.
Forward Looking Statements
BWXT cautions that this release contains forward-looking statements, including statements relating to the performance, timing, impact and value, to the extent contract value can be viewed as an indicator of future revenues, of the moderator heat exchangers contract. These forward-looking statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties, including, among other things, modification or termination of the contract and delays. If one or more of these or other risks materialize, actual results may vary materially from those expressed. For a more complete discussion of these and other risk factors, please see BWXT’s annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2020 and subsequent quarterly reports on Form 10-Q filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. BWXT cautions not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this release, and undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statement, except to the extent required by applicable law.
Article via Businesswire.
Media Contact
Natalie Cutler
Director, Communications, BWXT Canada Ltd.

Investor Contact
Mark Kratz
Vice President, Investor Relations
Category: Industry
Posted: Mon, Aug 16th 2021 at 2:04 PM is pleased to announce the "International Ultrasonic Testing Online Conference 2021 (UT-Online 2021)", organised in cooperation with the Ultrasound Institute at Kaunas University of Technology. The on-demand online Conference on “Novel methods and applications in ultrasonic testing” will run from November 1-30, 2021. It will take place on, the largest open access portal in NDT. Of course, this event, like all services of, will be free of charge, for the authors and the audience.

This Conference is an 24/7 online event, no hassles about time zone conflicts or technical glitches that may occur in live conferences. Authors will upload their contributions in advance and participants can visit sessions and contributions based on their needs, interests and schedule. Interaction can last several days and go into depths, as this will take place in a forum discussion board. All presentations and panel discussions will also be stored in’s Open Access Archive (ISSN 1435-4934) and will be accessible for a lifetime.

To keep the spirit of a live event, we will also organise a live Panel Discussion and participation opportunities. This part will offer a chat function for the audience. In parallel to the technical program companies will present products in showcases and videos in a virtual exhibition.

Call For Papers

We invite all authors to submit their valuable contributions from both academia and the industry. All submissions will be reviewed by our international review committee.


Important Dates
  • Abstract Submission Deadline: July 31 August 31, 2021
  • Abstract Acceptance: within 10 days after submission
  • Contribution Upload Deadline: September 30, 2021
  • Conference Start: November 1, 2021 at
  • Live Panel Discussion: Date to be announced
  • Conference End: November 30, 2021 (accessible for a lifetime in OA Archive)

    For more information, please visit
Category: Product
Posted: Fri, Aug 13th 2021 at 1:10 PM
ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 28 — Carestream’s Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) group has launched the HPX-DR 2329 GK, a cutting-edge detector enabling superb resolution and defect detection.

The HPX-DR 2329 GK’s 75 μm resolution offers powerful image capture for miniscule defect detection. It is an ideal option for the inspection of critical parts and assemblies to identify defects, including small cracks, porosity and flaws other detectors may miss.

Designed for industries that require the highest resolution possible to meet stringent industry standards, including aerospace, casting and manufacturing applications, the detector aims to improve confidence in accurate image analysis and reporting, increase productivity and lower costs. In addition, it expands the variety of parts that can be examined and improves the accuracy of each inspection.

Lightweight with a compact size of 230 x 290 mm and thin profile at 17 mm, the HPX-DR 2329 GK detector can fit in tight spaces, allowing for imaging and positioning in confined areas.

"The launch of the HPX-DR 2329 GK underscores our commitment to offer innovative solutions for our customers that are cost-effective and improve productivity," said Marty Graen, Global General Manager for Carestream NDT. "We work closely with our customers in every phase of product development and as our customers utilized the detector, they praised the superior image resolution and were impressed with the visible detail to detect even small anomalies."
The HPX-DR 2329 GK detector works with Carestream’s award-winning INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software. The INDUSTREX software suite operates seamlessly across all Carestream NDT computed radiography (CR) and digital radiography (DR) modalities. Customers can easily add the new detector to their tool set of imaging equipment without having to purchase and learn new modules.
Category: Product
Posted: Fri, Aug 13th 2021 at 12:42 PM
INTECH NDE is thrilled to announce the exclusive partnership with Dolphi¬tech and the launch of Dolphitech’s ULTRASONIC technology product line, specifically the Dolphicam2, for non-destructive testing within Canada.
Currently, the technology is being used in aerospace, energy (including wind), marine, automotive, and defense. Dolphitech has been delivering reliable ultrasonic technology for over a decade - pushing the limits of Ul¬trasonic inspection. With a highly-skilled research and development team Dolphitech is always striving to create cutting-edge ultrasonics focusing on easy-to-operate products.
INTECH NDE will now be carrying the Dolphitech complete line of ultrasonic products and accessories. Among these are a wide range of transduc¬ers (TRM’s) from 1.5 to 10MHz, which help gather quick data for a wide range of scanning.
INTECH NDE specializes in the best and highest quality NDT equipment which makes this partnership a natural fit.
We are excited to talk about the Dolphicam2 so feel free to reach out at
Category: Industry
Posted: Tue, Aug 10th 2021 at 2:47 PM
Jesse Garant Metrology Center (JGMC) is now approved to provide Computed Tomography (CT) services for Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC). This is the first company that P&WC has provided approval to globally.

“We’re extremely happy to provide services to Pratt & Whitney Canada. With our highly capable technical staff and robust processes, we can now assist P&WC in their high level of reliability that they are known for around the world,” says Jesse Garant, owner of JGMC. JGMC has achieved CTM Code C Certification enabling them to provide CT services for safety-critical components for P&WC.

About Jesse Garant Metrology Center
Ten years ago as a manufacturing consultant in industry, Jesse Garant recognized the advantages of using computed tomography as a viable NDT method to inspect parts and assemblies. In 2009, Jesse Garant Metrology Center was launched with the initiative to provide easy access to a rather expensive and complicated technology. Today, their inspection services along with an experienced staff of quality engineers, is recognized as one of the most diversified and experienced 3rd party CT scanning labs in North America. The company’s robust processes which adheres to industry standards, provides accountability that engineers and part manufacturers have come to trust.
Visit for more information.
Category: Industry
Posted: Mon, Jul 19th 2021 at 2:15 PM
SNOQUALMIE, Wash. (July 14, 2021)—Zetec Inc. has published its latest on-demand webinar detailing a more effective approach to one of the most common and critical nondestructive testing applications in aerospace MRO (maintenance, repair and operations): inspections of bolt holes in multi-layer materials.
The 40-minute webinar will discuss and demonstrate how using high-resolution C-scans and dedicated analysis displays for rotating-probe and eddy current array data can increase both eddy current inspection productivity and probability of detection.
“Rotating eddy current probes and traditional impedance and sweep displays lack the resolution to identify the individual layer where a defect resides. This can make it challenging to determine whether repairs are necessary,” said Nicholas Cardillo, Eddy Current Sales Engineering Director for Zetec. “This webinar will show how to use readily available eddy current technology to better recognize signals of interest, understand flaw morphology and identify layers where bolt-hole flaws are located without the use of encoders or secondary manual measurement methods.”
The webinar features:
• An introduction to eddy current inspections of bolt holes and the specific inspection challenges related to probability of detection (POD) in multi-layer materials.
• The principles and application of examination techniques, including those outlined in U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Airworthiness Directive 2020-24-05 for the wing spar inspections of certain Piper Aircraft and the canopy sill longeron failures on F-15 fighter jets.
• A detailed look at examination results including how C-scan displays, advanced filters and data-review mode can increase user performance, POD and confidence in the eddy current inspection of bolt holes.
Zetec’s on-demand webinar is intended for inspection service providers, NDT technicians and aerospace MRO professionals. It is now available for viewing. To learn more, visit:
About Zetec
Zetec is a global leader in nondestructive testing (NDT) solutions for the critical inspection needs of industries the world counts on every day, including power generation, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, maritime, military, rail, heavy industry and manufacturing. We serve as a single source of high-performance solutions in both eddy current and ultrasonic technologies. For over 50 years, we have advanced NDT standards and science, providing new insight and control through inspection solutions that protect our customers’ most important assets and ensure the quality of their products. By integrating design and engineering with our own manufacturing, Zetec delivers solutions that optimize productivity, safety and total cost of ownership.
Zetec is a subsidiary of Roper Technologies Inc., with global engineering and manufacturing centers in Quebec City and at our corporate headquarters in Snoqualmie, Washington. Zetec support spans the globe, with Centers of Excellence in Houston, Paris, Seoul and Shanghai. For more information about Zetec, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.
Media Contact:
Stephen Petit
Category: Product
Posted: Fri, Jul 9th 2021 at 3:25 PM
LCT NDT has introduced its fully sealed, waterproof high intensity LED film viewer. The FV-2009 PRO meets and exceeds the specifications of its predecessor film viewer. Designed for use in the field where exposure to moisture and other corrosive conditions are most common, the update includes an upgraded, completely sealed intensity control switch and power switch, plus a sealed connector for the step pedal. Find out more about the FV-2009 Pro at
Category: Industry
Posted: Wed, Jul 7th 2021 at 11:13 AM
Senceive joins international industrial technology group to support continued innovation and growth
Eddyfi/NDT announced today the acquisition of Senceive Ltd. Senceive will join Eddyfi/NDT as a separate entity and become the group’s fifth platform and business unit, continuing to operate under the Senceive name. In addition, with this acquisition, Eddyfi/NDT reaches an important milestone of 10 acquisitions within the past 5 years.
For over 15 years, Senceive has focused on bringing the very best intelligent wireless enabled condition monitoring to industrial applications within the IoT (Internet of Things) space. Senceive’s experts were among the first to recognize the immense potential of easy-to-use, precise, reliable, and long-life wireless remote monitoring, explicitly for the challenging and risk conscious civil engineering, rail, and mining environments. Doing so, they empowered those responsible for infrastructure management, construction, and maintenance to proceed with confidence.
"Eddyfi/NDT has always valued the importance of confidence in asset owners’ decision-making and understands the pivotal role that remote monitoring plays in keeping both people and infrastructure safe. We are no strangers to the concept of repeatable, high-quality data, for integrity management. Today, with the acquisition of Senceive, we are taking our first steps in infrastructure monitoring; a critical, dynamic, and huge market segment powered by innovation and technological advances. The timing is perfect to increase focus on this sector, with the global pandemic clearly demonstrating the need to minimize site visits by using wireless remote monitoring solutions" said Martin Theriault, CEO of Eddyfi/NDT. "With the strength within our Group and experience across other challenging industry sectors, we believe we can be the "go-to company" for infrastructure monitoring around the world. Within Senceive, we have seen a lot of what has made us successful so far: they are a company that is well managed and established, they are growing rapidly and are respected and genuine leaders. Furthermore, and most importantly, they are driven by their global customer base, sparking product innovation and daring to challenge conventions for the greater benefit of the global community" adds Mr. Theriault.
Senceive’s CEO, Graham Smith, stated "Joining Eddyfi/NDT is an extremely exciting opportunity for everyone at Senceive and will provide significant strategic, financial and commercial benefits to reinforce and enhance our market leadership in the wireless enabled remote condition monitoring sector. The business has been growing at a rate of 50-100% over recent years and the opportunities for continued high levels of growth, both organically and through selective acquisitions, are huge, with the existing platforms of people and technology that we have built over 15 years. We think this partnership brings together two outstanding and complementary brands ready to take on new challenges together. Already, I can see that Senceive and Eddyfi/NDT’s teams are true kindred spirits, sharing the same will to succeed and to be recognised globally as the de-facto standard for all clients and partners across our applications. I believe we will now have the resources, investment, backing and imagination to make that a reality."
The transaction was financed by a bank syndicate led by National Bank of Canada. EC M&A is acting as exclusive financial advisor to Senceive. McCarthy Tétrault acted as lead legal advisor to Eddyfi/NDT and TLT as the legal advisor for Senceive.
About Eddyfi/NDT
Eddyfi/NDT is a fast-growing, innovative, and private industrial technology group focused on advanced diagnostic technologies to monitor the world’s infrastructure health. The Group serves asset owners, large engineering firms, and service companies globally in markets such as Aerospace, Civil Infrastructure, Energy, Mining, Power Generation, and Rail. Eddyfi/NDT believes that advancing science and technology via sensors, hardware, robotics, and software makes the world more productive and safer for people, business, and nature. The company employs over 1,300 people throughout 28 offices worldwide and serves clients in more than 110 countries.
About Senceive
Since formation in the research labs of University College London in 2005, Senceive has pioneered the development of intelligent wireless enabled condition monitoring for industrial applications within the IoT (Internet of Things) space. Senceive’s experts were among the first to recognize the immense potential of easy to use, precise, reliable, and long-life wireless remote monitoring, explicitly for challenging and risk-conscious Civil Engineering, Rail and Mining applications. Senceive employs 60 people and operates in 40 countries. The company has satellite offices in Australia and New York.

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