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GammaFlux is thrilled to be be the distributor of Helmut Fisher across Canada. Fischer has been developing instruments for non-destructive material analysis, coating thickness measurement and material testing since 1953.

Coating Thickness Gauge: Fischer coating thickness gauges are ideally suited for measuring paint, powder coating, plating and anodize, including aerospace coatings, bridge coatings, water tank coatings, pipelines, refineries, tank linings, fireproof coatings, marine coatings, and railcar coatings. 
PERMASCOPE MP0: With integrated probe for measuring the thickness of coatings on steel and iron.
DUALSCOPE MP0: With integrated probe for measure ng the thickness of coatings on virtually all metal substrates.
PERMASCOPE MP0R and MP0R-FP: With integrated probe or cable probe for coating thickness measurements on steel and iron.
DUALSCOPE MP0R and MP0R-FP: With integrated probe or cable probe for coating thickness measurements on virtually all metal substrates.
ISOSCOPE MP0R: With integrated probe designed specifically for high-precision measurements of thin coatings on virtually all non-ferrous metals.
DUALSCOPE MP0RH-FP: With cable probe, designed specifically for measurements of thicker metal or protective coatings on steel and iron as well as non-ferrous metals.
DELTASCOPE FMP10 and FMP30: For coating thickness measurements on steel and iron.
ISOSCOPE FMP10 and FMP30: Designed specifically for high-precision measurements of thin coatings on virtually all non-ferrous metals.
DUALSCOPE FMP20 and FMP40: For coating thickness measurements on virtually all metal substrates.
The DUALSCOPE FMP100: Incorporating both magnetic induction and eddy current methods and outfitted with a wide range of high-precision probes, it is particularly useful for performing diverse measurement tasks under frequently changing conditions.
The DUALSCOPE H FMP150: Equipped with a third measurement principle, the magnetic method, which also makes it possible to take precise measurements of thick, nonmagnetic but conductive coatings on steel and iron, as well as nickel coatings on nonferrous metals.
Material Testing: 
FERITSCOPE FMP30: The FERITSCOPE is a compact instrument for standards- compliant, non-destructive determination of the ferrite content in austenitic welded products and in duplex steel
SIGMASCOPE SMP10: For measuring the electrical conductivity of non-ferrous metals or non-magnetizable metals such as aluminium, copper, and stainless steel according to the eddy current method.
ANOTEST YMP30-S: The YMP30-S is used for testing sealants on anodic coatings on aluminium.
POROSCOPE HV40: For finding pores and defects, cracks and inclusions in linings and coatings made of enamel, paint, rubber, and bitumen, also in containers made of GFK or other plastics.

We are so excited to talk about Fischer products and your applications., Tel: 647 804 1348 
ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 28 — Carestream’s Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) group has launched the HPX-DR 2329 GK, a cutting-edge detector enabling superb resolution and defect detection.

The HPX-DR 2329 GK’s 75 μm resolution offers powerful image capture for miniscule defect detection. It is an ideal option for the inspection of critical parts and assemblies to identify defects, including small cracks, porosity and flaws other detectors may miss.

Designed for industries that require the highest resolution possible to meet stringent industry standards, including aerospace, casting and manufacturing applications, the detector aims to improve confidence in accurate image analysis and reporting, increase productivity and lower costs. In addition, it expands the variety of parts that can be examined and improves the accuracy of each inspection.

Lightweight with a compact size of 230 x 290 mm and thin profile at 17 mm, the HPX-DR 2329 GK detector can fit in tight spaces, allowing for imaging and positioning in confined areas.

"The launch of the HPX-DR 2329 GK underscores our commitment to offer innovative solutions for our customers that are cost-effective and improve productivity," said Marty Graen, Global General Manager for Carestream NDT. "We work closely with our customers in every phase of product development and as our customers utilized the detector, they praised the superior image resolution and were impressed with the visible detail to detect even small anomalies."
The HPX-DR 2329 GK detector works with Carestream’s award-winning INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software. The INDUSTREX software suite operates seamlessly across all Carestream NDT computed radiography (CR) and digital radiography (DR) modalities. Customers can easily add the new detector to their tool set of imaging equipment without having to purchase and learn new modules.
INTECH NDE is thrilled to announce the exclusive partnership with Dolphi¬tech and the launch of Dolphitech’s ULTRASONIC technology product line, specifically the Dolphicam2, for non-destructive testing within Canada.
Currently, the technology is being used in aerospace, energy (including wind), marine, automotive, and defense. Dolphitech has been delivering reliable ultrasonic technology for over a decade - pushing the limits of Ul¬trasonic inspection. With a highly-skilled research and development team Dolphitech is always striving to create cutting-edge ultrasonics focusing on easy-to-operate products.
INTECH NDE will now be carrying the Dolphitech complete line of ultrasonic products and accessories. Among these are a wide range of transduc¬ers (TRM’s) from 1.5 to 10MHz, which help gather quick data for a wide range of scanning.
INTECH NDE specializes in the best and highest quality NDT equipment which makes this partnership a natural fit.
We are excited to talk about the Dolphicam2 so feel free to reach out at
LCT NDT has introduced its fully sealed, waterproof high intensity LED film viewer. The FV-2009 PRO meets and exceeds the specifications of its predecessor film viewer. Designed for use in the field where exposure to moisture and other corrosive conditions are most common, the update includes an upgraded, completely sealed intensity control switch and power switch, plus a sealed connector for the step pedal. Find out more about the FV-2009 Pro at

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