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NDT Product News

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INTECH NDE announces the partnership with Interactive Aerial. Interactive Aerial is a leader when it comes to robotics in the inspection industry. They strive to eliminate manual inspections with a variety of products that keep your assets and employees safe. They offer high-end quality products that save time while delivering results. Both their Zenith and Legacy One are made with high craftsmanship standards in mind. The Zenith performs fully automated inspections bringing with it, vertical inspections with 360-degree viewing, HD video and photo that can be operated by anyone. Let Zenith do the inspecting for you. The Legacy One is the perfect internal flying machine made to inspect not damage. This drone avoids collisions, can be placed in center mode, and can be set to maintain a specific distance from a structure. This drone goes beyond the competition. These products and the partnership with INTECH NDE are a natural fit.
INTECH NDE specializes in the best and highest quality NDT equipment that results in great data and inspections with amazing customer service. Please stay tuned for more information about the Zenith and Legacy One product launches at Intech NDE.

We are excited to talk about it so feel free to reach out at Now in 3 locations to serve you better.
The Splitter® line of wastewater filtration equipment has been a trusted name in penetrant waste water filtration systems. With advances in technology coupled with market research, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Products Limited re-designed the Splitter® series to usher in the next generation of products.
The company is proud to introduce the Splitter 2X & 4X. Using nano- and ultrafiltration membranes, the equipment is used to remove chemicals, oils, dyes and pigments thereby reducing the amount of wastewater disposal and create a more environmentally-conscious workplace. Now available in just two configurations, the 2X and 4X systems are capable of handling a nominal volume of 200 gallons per day and 400 gallons per day of waste water, respectively.
The new line of membrane filtration machines are designed to run virtually on their own with a Siemens programmable logic controller that monitors and records a variety of operating factors including pressure, temperature, flow rate and cleaning cycle. Data can be stored on a removable USB stick for data transfer or remote diagnostics. The touch-screen panel provides ease of operator use.  
Another major enhancement is its construction. The updated, easily-removable membrane housing is fabricated of stainless steel material and configured horizontally in the unit. The membranes themselves had been re-designed to improve efficiency and longevity. A built-in carbon polish has been implemented for added filtration of the clean permeate water.
The durable housing frame is constructed of powder-coated steel and is equipped with locking wheels. Innovative features such as hinged, quick-locking side door; built-in spill containment; and, front-mounted electrical and plumbing panels contribute to ease of service and maintenance.
Designed for use across several industries, the applications go beyond dye penetrant rinses. The Splitter series can be deployed in treating aqueous (water-based) cleaners, machine coolants and water-soluble cutting oils, air compressor condensate, oil-water emulsions and many other aqueous wastes.
To give customers a sneak peek of the new features of the Splitter 2X & 4X, a short video on the equipment operation and features is available to view by visiting the website. For more information about the new Splitter series, contact
KODAK Industrial X-Ray Films meet your most rigorous quality standards for consistent, excellent performance with market-leading innovations for the NDT industry.
Kodak’s Industrial X-Ray Films are uniquely qualified for the NDT Industry, with:
• Clean image tone and low noise. Impeccable detail. In short, a sharp, clear image every single time• Consistent production quality: ISO9001-2015. Achieved through disciplined manufacturing• Durable. Static resistant. Heat resistant. Sturdy. Fewer artifacts. Even under pressure• Competitively priced.
The T-Grain Emulsion Advantage: The Kodak Industrial X-Ray Films incorporates Kodak’s patented T-GRAIN Emulsion technology. Our ASTM E 1815-18 Classes offers medium, fine, and very fine grains exceptionally high contrast and definition, great for critical radiography with high energy applications. And its versatility allows you to have direct x-ray or intensification screen options. So that it works best for what you need. When you have a critical radiography application, our film is the best tool in your toolkit.
Applications KODAK Industrial X-Ray Films in a variety of sizes and packaging formats, ideal for: • Aerospace and aircraft industry • Archeologics, Paintings, Sculptures • Composite materials • Defense and nuclear industry • Electrical Components • Forensics • Forestry • Oil and Gas Pipelines • Tires • Welds and Casting
Film Types and equality:
IX 25
IX 30
IX 50
“You won’t believe how well Kodak films fit your budget”
For having more information and pricing contact:
Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science has further expanded its metals analysis range with the launch of the OE720. A year ago, the reveal of the ground-breaking Hitachi OE750 caused waves in the industry by making high-performance metals analysis finally accessible to all sizes of metals producers. Designed to help foundries, fabricators and manufacturing plants meet ever more demanding specifications, the new OE720 now joins Hitachi High-Tech’s new OE series. The OE720 boasts the same high-performance as the OE750 but offers an attractive price advantage to companies who don’t need additional gas analysis capability.

High performance made affordable.
Complex supply chains and increased use of scrap metal as a base material puts foundries and metals manufacturers under increasing pressure to control tramp and trace elements within the melt and finished product. The new OE720 optical emission spectrometer covers the entire spectrum of elements in metal except for gases like oxygen and hydrogen and has some of the lowest detection limits in its class. The result is an analyzer that has the capability of much more expensive instruments, bringing high quality analysis within reach for the first time for many foundries and metals manufacturers.
Why choose the OE Series?
RESULTS YOU CAN TRUST - High optical resolution to control tramp and trace elements.
LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP - Affordable to buy and run, delivering the performance of more expensive analysers.
KEEPING YOU RUNNING - Engineered for reliability with minimum maintenance and standardisation requirements.
SUPPORTS CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION - Cloud-based data management, rapid analysis and short start-up times for fast feedback on melt quality.
For more information, contact
IR is happy to announce the addition of the JME DXB:1 digital X-ray buggy.  This long-awaited product is ideal for use on the pipelines, when taking panoramic digital radiographs of circumferential welds.  It’s an ideal companion to the JME CR2 pipeline crawler and boasts a versatile and configurable system. 

For more information, visit the IR website at, or ask to speak to one of the IR business development representatives at 855-737-2689.

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