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What's Happening in NDT

Category: CINDE
Posted: Fri, Jan 8th 2021 at 7:51 AM
CINDE values your safety. The training facility is implementing a number of procedures to ensure that you can enter the NDT classroom with confidence:
  • All visitors and staff are required to follow 2m distancing and directional markers on the floor.
  • All visitors and staff will need to sign in and out each day using a supplied ipad and answer questions regarding their health (Receptionist will record using the Visitor Log).
  • Receptionists will take temperature of all visitors and staff (using Provincial guidelines for safe temp readings).
  • All individuals have to enter/exit using the front door.
  • Students will wear masks and gloves in common areas (reception and washroom areas mandatory) and encouraging them as much as possible to where PPE at all times (in class and building).
  • Washroom signs - In and Out throughway arrows…doors marked as entry and exit only.
  • A maximum of 2 visitors are permitted in reception areas at any time.
  • Hand sanitizer station will be available in reception area.
  • All staff and visitors must wear PPE (gloves and masks) at all times in the office.
  • Instructors responsible for monitoring classroom activities.
  • Students will always be > 2m apart, one student per table in classrooms.
If you have more questions, please contact us:

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